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Start requesting what you want to see. And remember, you don't have to join. Please don't comment to join. All you have to do is add this place to your friends list. You may do so - so it's simple for you by clicking here!!!

Adamo, Aubrey and Andrea where on MTV Hits today. View the transcript here.

http://www.geocities.com/beeza123456789/ - great fan site that deserves some recognition.

1.) article from FL!P

2.) info un upcomming episodes after Mercy Street. (contains spoliers)!

3.) Article about the stop in Boston.

4.) The N has a Video Time Line that looks awesome.

1.) Still; cassiesteele.org is STILL sharing the current episodes of "King Of Pain" and "Mercy Street" - they are in a zip file and you are able to download them faster and easier. She also has some of the other episodes people are looking for such as "Accidents Will Happen 1 & 2". And the best of all, don't forget it's the Canadian version and not The N version. So get to downloading.

2.) Awesome icons created by flyaway_now

3. More awesome icons created by rydiachachunk

4.) Even more icons created by maroon_notebook

5.) starsprite22 has all the current episode scripts up. Spoliers to those who live in the US and haven't seen it yet!!

Remember if you have an contributions, want to share your site, community. Do you have fan fic that you want to share? Advertising? Anything. Even some song fan videos. Need a special request? Want somethig or someone to help you?

Please comment to this entry with all the details or email me at ridiculouslyxromantic@yahoo.com with what you'd like to share. The proper credit will be given.

Don't forget all you have to do is add this to your friends page and no joining is requiered as I supply you with the latest everything. Just don't forget to request what you need. If you want something tell me. I'll post your request in the next issue.
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