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`` degrassiDIGEST || issueONE ``

This is the attempt to have everyone updated with the lastest everything Degrassi. Every issue will contain links to communities, journals, and sites with the info that is provided for us. All credit goes to the sources listed and we just want everyone to get along and understand.

Lauren Collins Unscripted just finished on the N for the USA fans. For some screencaps you can check out this post from dirty_ego

Don't believe the hype, a Degrassi: The Next Generation fansite. Is awesome place for the Degrassi fans. I really like the site, and it gives many links to other sites and seems to be updated daily. Just what we need.

super_obsessed has posted the article in ET located here and with pictures here.

_unfallen has saw a new commercial and wondering if you all saw it. It Goes There!

The Scripts are located at starsprite22's journal. Don't click if you dont want to be spoiled.

cosmo_not has started a Soulseek community chat so you are able to share your Degrassi files.

Now that you know what this is all about - we need your help! If you have an contributions, want to share your site, community. Do you have fan fic that you want to share? Advertising? Anything. Even some song fan videos. Need a special request? Want somethig or someone to help you?

Please comment to this entry with all the details or email me at ridiculouslyxromantic@yahoo.com with what you'd like to share. The proper credit will be given.

Each day will be different and have many different things. I look foward to helping you all out!
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