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Welcome to the Degrassi Digest. This is a community for daily news, actor news, pics, recs, graphics, thoughts, questions, comments, suggestions; everything you want - you name it - strictly for Degrassi only. Every night you will recieve an update about the latest everything. It's a closed community so only the Mods can post. To join simply add this community to your friends list by simply clicking here. You won't have to worry about any spam of any kind. Some material might be 18+ when refering to a Slash (m/m or f/f) fic rec.

The original idea was started from quicknotes and the many other fandom newsletter type journals out there.

Check them all out.
_in_babylon - Queer as Folk
su_herald - BTVS/Angel
quicknotes - Harry Potter
If you wanna be listed let us know.

If you would like to help in any way to contribute anything - please email us here.